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After becoming fluent with JavaScript, I realized that anyone can become good at it. I want to help you understand how to to become fluent in JavaScript without feeling afraid, overwhelmed or confused. I strongly recommend Zell’s Javascript Roadmap whether you’re fresh to JavaScript or you’re 12-year experinced like me. You will literally feel that a teacher is walking along with you at every step. Learning is about getting the right resources and following them in the correct order – JavaScript Roadmap has this. How to avoid 3 learning traps in JavaScript that leave you feeling confused, paralyzed, or overwhelmed.

javascript developer roadmap

Typically the backend will make a query against the database during an API call. Git is the tool used to save code and create different versions, allowing you to collaborate with other developers. The top place to store code and collaborate on open source software is GitHub. The text editor is where you will write all your code, and the terminal is where you execute it. Spend some time to pick the right editor, set up the plugins, and learn the hotkeys.

“Having gone through other related courses on other platforms, I can say this course is the most practical and readily…

They allow developers to interact with the Ethereum network, create dapps, perform transactions, and develop smart contracts on the blockchain. Within the Hackr community, we discuss dozens of JavaScript tutorials. Community feedback tends to favor courses that focus on real-world projects and applications. Full stack development is on the rise because it eliminates the need of hiring and managing teams that involve a front end developer, a backend developer, and operations. It is especially popular among small scale companies that want to prototype and test a product without committing a lot of resources to it.

  • It has repositories where all files including the codebase are saved and one can make changes according to the requirement.
  • The web application then becomes an integrated part of a worldwide network of SaaS-based functions and online services.
  • Also, having a clear knowledge of the working of the internet is important to know.
  • It’s also one of the essential skills for full-stack Java developers.
  • Node.js is used by software developers because it can handle a large number of simultaneous requests, has excellent app scalability, and is simple to install and use.
  • Chrome DevTools has many helpful web developer tools, including a built-in color picker.

Media queries are useful when you want to modify your application to fit a device such as Desktops, tablets, and phones. The image below illustrates how an application is viewed on different devices when built with responsive design. A front-end developer is responsible for building and implementing the interface of a website or web application. They build client-side applications using web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The UI includes the visual part of the application and the user interactions.

Learn Build Tools

This framework opens the door to the backend, allowing you to work as a full-stack developer. Although this isn’t the only incentive to learn Node.js. Keep building projects — projects are the best way to learn and show that you understand how to build apps for the real world.

javascript developer roadmap

But as you read JavaScript tutorials, you feel you can’t understand the material no matter how hard you try. They are not only responsible for developing the UI, but they also ensure a balance between design and functionality and ensure speed and scalability. This article is being improved by another user right now. You can suggest the changes for now and it will be under the article’s discussion tab. Before you begin your journey, you must know the basics of computers in order to have a smooth journey.


A good practice while learning to code is to think about everything logically rather than in terms of code. Now, let’s get into the details of what skills are necessary for a frontend developer. SCSS – Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets is a preprocessor stylesheet language compiled to CSS. It helps in organizing large stylesheets while making it easier to share design across projects. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language is the foundation of every website, it tells the browser how to display a web page’s content. Here you need to learn the basics of HTML, but you might want to pay more attention to HTML forms as they will be fundamental in the future.

javascript developer roadmap

This means UIs should be designed to be attractive enough to convert passive consumers into active, engaged participants. The latter can be achieved by providing users an opportunity to do so by inputting information in said environments. In summary, UI refers to the space where all interactions between the webpage, dapp, or application and user happen. The fact that frontend development hire javaScript developer isn’t all that drastically different between web2 and web3 is a good thing. One of the biggest knocks about web3 is that for all the talk of how “revolutionary” it is, dapp frontends leave a lot to be desired as far as UI is concerned. But if you’ve only been in the crypto world just for one hot minute, you might not yet be 100% sure about what it takes to do web3 frontend development.

How to Develop Programming Logic: A Step-by-Step Guide

A front-end developer must focus on design, technology, and programming to build an efficient application. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the foundation of web development. We need to learn these three languages before moving on to more advanced topics. HTML is used to create the structure of web pages, CSS is used to style the web pages, and JavaScript is used to add interactivity to the web pages. We can use online resources, such as Codecademy or W3Schools, to learn these languages. A Full Stack Developer is a professional who has expertise in both front-end and back-end web development.

javascript developer roadmap

JavaScript is an excellent programming language to learn. Web developers who can control the web browser with advanced JavaScript routines are in high demand. Here is one article series on the Django Rest framework where you can learn DRF and implement it to build a working blog website. Frontend development is not only limited to HTML, CSS and simple Javascript. Many frameworks help us design good frontends for our websites and make our work easier.

Do I need to know all the above skills to become a front-end developer?

Frameworks provide a set of rules and best practices that developers can follow to create high-quality web applications. JavaScript is one of the easiest programming languages with many free tutorials online. According to the 2022 StackOverflow developer survey, Statista, University of California Berkeley, and, JavaScript is the most in-demand programming language right now.

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