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In this context, the purpose of the backlog can be reduced to three simple goals. Custom attributes and criteria to score and prioritize items. Easily keep everyone aligned on priorities, centralize all your customer feedback, and always know what to build with confidence.

  • Product BacklogAs described in the Scrum Guide, the Product Backlog is an emergent, ordered list of what is needed to improve the product.
  • An existing workload that exceeds current production capacity is a backlog.
  • They can also be written as traditional requirements documents, or in a number of other ways.
  • The reason is that the shape should be informed by the product as well as the processes and needs of the team creating it and committing to it.
  • The presence of a backlog can have positive or negative implications.

Many think of the sprint backlog as a subset of the product one. Ideally, this is true; the sprint backlog consists solely of items from the product backlog. In practice, however, a sprint backlog will include other work the team has committed to. A backlog is essentially a ‘to-do’ list of smaller tasks, all of which need to be completed within a project or sprint.

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The product teams create Scrum backlogs as a way to jot down the most important feature details for a functional product. With a purpose-built roadmap tool, individual backlog items link with the more prominent themes in the roadmap. The backlog gets itself when stakeholders drill down into the details of each piece. The roadmap provides context for the prioritized backlog items within the larger strategic objectives and timeline of the overall product roadmap. In addition to these tactical benefits, you can hold periodic grooming sessions. Grooming sessions are an excellent opportunity to bring the entire cross-functional team together to ensure everyone is working toward a standard set of strategic goals.

backlog meaning

Productboard is a product management system that enables teams to get the right products to market faster. Built on top of the Product Excellence framework, Productboard serves as the dedicated system of record for product managers and aligns everyone on the right features to build next. When done effectively, recurring backlog grooming sessions can keep your backlog in check and improve the organization of the items listed in it. The development team pulls tasks from the product backlog according to capacity. When a time-critical task comes up, it will be placed on top of the product backlog and, therefore, it’ll be processed first.


When you have an anchor document to facilitate these cross-functional alignment discussions, it is yet another reason that every product team should develop and maintain a backlog. We’ve outlined backlog grooming even further in this video below. These tasks should be added to the backlog, and then prioritized along with features and defects, so they can be included in the planning cycle.

backlog meaning

But without sufficient investment, many fell into disrepair, amassing a capital needs backlog now estimated at around $70 billion, according to the National Low Income Housing Coalition. But that could take years amid an ever-growing backlog of cases. There is still a growing backlog of appeals, partly because of the speed with which existing claims are being dealt with. techniques and practices for product backlog Here again there is an enormous backlog of neglect to make up. One of the advantages of a young journal is that the backlog is small; the turnaround from first submission to final appearance can be under a year. Pressure on space in the journal means that more pages must now be given to submitted articles to prevent the backlog of accepted papers growing even further.

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Agile’s primary strengths lie in rapidly delivering value to customers. Quick iterations and deployment of new functionality and enhancements keep the focus squarely on delighting customers. A backlog of tasks might slow down an ordinary day at an office or store, or require workers to come in on the weekend to catch up. The reason is that the shape should be informed by the product as well as the processes and needs of the team creating it and committing to it. Many think of this backlog as a to-do list, and define it in exactly this way, as a list of things you must do to deliver your product to market. The backlog, therefore, is tremendously useful in situations when you are unable to do everything being asked , or in contexts when even a small amount of planning will help a lot .

backlog meaning

It gives them extra time on projects that aren’t a priority. Backlog grooming, is when the product owner the rest of the development team revisits items on the product backlog to make sure that the backlog contains the right items, that they are prioritized. Proper planning and organization is integral to your success.

Backlogs can help to keep teams motivated, engaged and more collaborative than ever

Review the items and discuss how the items at the top support the company’s current strategic objectives. Product managers need a simple way to sort, sift, and make good use of their content to keep backlogs functional even as they swell with more and more ideas. One way to maintain order in the face of chaos is to implement a structured system for tagging, categorizing, and organizing the data. Sessions rely on the backlog to scope, size, and slot development tasks and references. Furthermore, the development team will struggle to assess possible and create a reasonably confident schedule without these details captured in a single repository.

The hygiene backlog: A serious and expensive problem – RDH Magazine

The hygiene backlog: A serious and expensive problem.

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With a backlog, product managers know their team always has a set of next-up tasks, which will keep the product’s development moving forward. In its most basic form, a backlog is for one team and aligned around goals. Those goals are broken down to valuable features and user stories, which in turn are prioritized, estimated, refined, and detailed appropriately.

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Nothing gets built unless it’s on the backlog, but listing an item on the backlog doesn’t guarantee that it will be executed. The backlog refinement process ensures that only the most relevant tasks get committed for delivery in the following sprint. A backlog is an ordered and prioritized list of everything that needs to be done within a project. A product backlog is a term used in scrum, an agile software development method. The Scrum backlog is a feature list of a minimum viable product . Each item on the Scrum backlog is accompanied by a brief feature description.

Sometimes people describe an overload of work or personal duties as backlog. A backlog report, There is a backlog of ., a backlog, more… Backlog help organize the work, define tasks, and stay punctual with the delivery. If a great idea is added to the bottom of a backlog of thousands, who will ever see it? Again, keeping a lean backlog (and limiting the number of sub-backlogs) can prevent this problem from ever rearing its head. Sometimes, what seems like a solid, carefully considered idea to one person, may not make much sense to another.

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It reduces the time product managers and product owners spend planning sprints and increases the productivity of everyone involved in building the product. The product backlog is a container for work you think you will do in the future to keep your product competitive. It is the output of the product owner in collaboration with stakeholders . It will change frequently, with items being added or taken out on a regular basis. It will also have items with a mix of granularity; with fewer items broken down below the user story level.

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